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Snorkel Maui Lana'i and Moloka'i is the one and only guidebook exclusively devoted to snorkeling on these islands. No other guide comes close to the level of snorkeling detail provided here. Take "Snorkel Maui", along with a good general guidebook of your choice, and you'll have all the details you need for a great vacation!

Now revised and expanded, with full color maps, as well as beach and fish pictures! From a colorful cover to 39 accurate maps and details on 81 snorkeling sites, SM draws you into the fascinating underwater world that shouldn't be missed by anyone touring these beautiful islands.

As Dave Barry says: "When you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you've been missing the whole point of the ocean--it's like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent."

An award-winning book designer contributed a sophisticated, yet readable style to the cover and interior. The colorful cover features a dramatic Hawai'ian day octopus.

It's worth going to Maui just to swim and snorkel, and Snorkel Maui is the snorkeling buddy you want to have along.



Inside the book


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39 detailed color maps like this one make getting to all the good spots easy. We show you how to get there, how to avoid getting lost, where good entry spots are, where to park. Our goal is to make your snorkeling trip easy and fun.













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75 colorful beach pictures help you preview the snorkeling sites, and decide where to go. Even if you don't go there, they'll provide a fun way to show your friends what these islands are like.













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Clear, easy to understand area maps help get you there quickly. Striking underwater pictures by award-winning Jay Torborg bring alive the vibrance and color that awaits you on your snorkel.














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While we're not trying to be a fish ID book (there are several excellent ones that we recommend),  we include beautiful pictures of the most common fish you will see on the reef. We also give some insight into what they eat and how they behave.













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As we said earlier, it's worth going to Maui  just to swim and snorkel, and Snorkel Maui is the snorkeling buddy you want to have along.








Skim boarder on Maui (Molokini Island in the background)